What’cha Reading? Three Must-Buys for Every Organization

457877853It’s that time of year again.

The kids are back in school – well, at least they are here in the South – and we all have our sights set on Labor Day, and the last hurrah of summer. (If only Atlanta weather would acknowledge this day, and temperatures would miraculously drop on September 2.)

So, how was your summer? How did you do on your reading list?

While I did better than last year, I still didn’t make a dent in my list. I read 3 “for fun” books and 2 “for work” books (with 1 more in progress). And that’s without a trip to the beach. Six books in essentially six weeks… not too shabby (for me).

However, like this summer’s lineup of lackluster movies, the “for fun” books I read didn’t come close to living up to their reviews either.

Without a doubt the biggest disappointment was “The Vacationers” despite being highly touted on Amazon as one of the summer’s best beach reads (maybe the problem was I didn’t read it on the beach?). “The Light Between Oceans: A Novel” was much better although the ending was pretty weak too.  Ditto the third book (whose name momentarily escapes me – yep, it was THAT good!).

On the business side, my reviews are much more favorable. You’ve heard me chat about Niraj Dawar’s book “Tilt” here on The Protection Continuum more than once, and internally I’ve been talking about Bryan Semple’s “Digital CMO’s Guide to Marketing Measurement.” And soon (perhaps in my next post), you’ll hear my thoughts and takeaways from Matt Graham-Hyde’s “The Essential CIO: Why the CIO Needs to Act Like the CEO.”

Great books – maybe not. Insightful. Absolutely. In each, there are nuggets of information worthy of your time to read.

So, this Labor Day, grab a beach chair and one of these three books, and let’s chat after the holiday. I should have made my way through “The Essential CIO” by then.

About the Author: Heidi Biggar