What You Need to Know About Dell World 2014

Yes, it’s here! Our biggest event of the year – Dell World – starts tomorrow, November 4!

As The New York Times noted today, the event will give Michael Dell and the rest of our organization an opportunity to show customers what we’ve been up to during our first year as a private company. Some of it has already been covered in our Fiscal Year 2015 State of the Business, including the full infographic this tweet was pulled from:

I’m sure there will be plenty of skeptics in the audience, such as Dan Primack who wrote in Fortune about how what won’t be heard at Dell World is financial results.

But, we’re more focused on attendees like the CIO of Purdue University who told the Wall Street Journal that while he hopes to learn more about our strategy, we’ve still “got to show that [we] can handle a major transformation.”

So, while there will be press conferences, news releases and other media events, actually showing customers what we can do through hands on labs and breakout sessions will be our primary goal. These labs are led by engineers, architects and developers. Attendees will get to see new products up close and try out new features in a risk-free production environment.

If you can’t be here with us, you can still follow the action in a couple of ways:

If you are here, I encourage you to take a moment to download the event app. It’s a great way to connect with other attendees, as well as keep up with your schedule and all the fun events. This is especially important when things happen – like weather causing a change of venue for our opening night event.

And, yes, we want you all to join us in the fun; because, as Michael Dell told the Wall Street Journal, “We’re investing in our strategy, revving up our innovation engine and having a blast!”

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