What OEMs can learn from Amazon’s Outage

Harris is a very insightful observer of the data storage world and describes in his recent blog posting how storage is to blame for the Amazon recent outage. This incident is a reminder of the complexity of running your applications as a Software as a Service (SaaS) and how even the best storage companies require high quality maintenance practices and tools that eliminate the chance of outages.

Clearly SaaS for OEMs represent new market opportunities.  SaaS can lower the cost to use your solution for many prospective customers who do not feel that the they can afford the traditional acquisition and support costs associated with on-premise solutions.  However, before taking the leap, there are two major concerns an OEM must consider and address:

  1. Is my application capable of being implemented easily in the cloud that the ROI is worth it? In other words can I take my current application and virtualize it?
  2. Who should I depend on to help migrate my application and trust to implement my cloud presence effectively?

Dell OEM Solutions as you already know has been a trusted partner to our OEMs for appliances, systems, support, and services for years now and we continue to expand our portfolio of products and services to enable you to build the best solutions for your customers.  Our storage portfolio has you covered from a single disk drive to award winning SAN/NAS systems and all the way to cloud services.  If you are contemplating moving into the cloud or other storage decisions, contact us for a in-depth consultation.

Let continue this conversation, do you think that your applications are ready for the Cloud?  What questions do you have?

About the Author: Ray Stahl