What Leadership in Integrated Systems Looks Like: VCE

As a market leader in converged infrastructure systems, VCE has worked with its customers to drive agility, accelerate application development and innovation, reduce risk, simplify operations, and reduce cost.

VCE pioneered converged infrastructure with its Vblock Systems for mission critical workloads. Now VCE has introduced a new family of hyper-converged RackScale Systems that enables enterprises and Service Providers to dramatically simplify the deployment of next generation scale out mobile, cloud and distributed applications. The VCE VXRACK Systems enables customers to start from dozens of servers and scale to thousands of servers — tens of petabytes of storage capacity while delivering the highest performance and value per IOP. Most importantly, VCE brings its proven methodology of pre-engineered factory built infrastructure with single call lifecycle support to deliver a massively scaled out hyper-converged VxRack Systems with the same unmatched VCE customer experience.

In its recently published Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems, Gartner recognized VCE as a leader, both for its vision and ability to execute. This is the second year in a row Gartner placed VCE in a prominent position in the Magic Quadrant.


Gartner sees the emerging importance of hyper converged systems and the need for speed, simplicity and scalability, acknowledging VCE’s ability to deliver these solutions.

Gartner notes that it expects VCE to expand converged infrastructure offerings, both horizontally and vertically, to help enterprises and Service Providers to further simplify and transform their IT to meet the challenges of the cloud era.

At this month’s VMworld, VCE will formally announce the second persona of its hyper-converged system, VxRack. The first VxRack persona accommodated a variety of bare metal and hypervisor configurations, including software-defined technologies. The latest VxRack integrates VMware’s EVO software stack to facilitate the journey to the cloud and to the fully Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). This hyper-converged system extends the VCE Experience vertically, encompassing infrastructure hardware and software to create a simplified, fully optimized VMware cloud and SDDC solutions.

Customer use cases vary, requiring a flexible portfolio approach.  VCE uniquely delivers a complete converged infrastructure portfolio that spans Blocks (Vblock & VxBlock), RackScale hyper-converged engineered systems (VxRack), and hyper-converged appliances (VSPEX Blue).

Couple this flexibility with lifecycle support, virtually unlimited scalability, compatibility with existing Vblock and VxBlock systems and unified management interfaces, and it’s obvious why Gartner so strongly supports VCE’s established position as market leader in converged infrastructure.

VCE is the only converged infrastructure vendor to deliver solutions spanning across blocks, racks and appliances, and to drive convergence vertically into the software layer by consolidating and standardizing processes across diverse infrastructure components and software stacks.

With innovation that changes what’s possible for IT and business, VCE intends to continue leading the market.

About the Author: Nina Hargus