What Is The VCE Customer Experience?

As one of the EMC Federation companies, I am proud that VCE is taking part in this year’s Total Customer Experience Global Celebration, October 5-9. Our goal is to recognize our customers, partners and employees, and show our continued commitment to delivering a Total Customer Experience (TCE) that helps organizations take on the cloud era and achieve the better business outcomes faster.

It’s All About ONE

That experience begins and ends with the simplicity of ONE. VCE engineers, manufactures, manages, supports and sustains our converged infrastructure products and solutions as one. Customers don’t have to deal with a tangled web of IT infrastructure. Instead, they get new levels of speed, availability, and flexibility to meet the demands of modern IT. Here is how one analyst sums up the VCE experience:

“The quality of the VCE experience and the company’s solutions are reasons for its financial success, but also consider that repeat customers account for about 60% of the company’s sales,” wrote Charles King, president and principal analyst at Pund-IT Inc. “In other words, after initially buying and deploying VCE’s converged solutions, a strong majority of company clients come back for more.” – VCE’s Industry Analyst Day: A Year of Evolution and Growth, June 10, 2015

Elements of the VCE Experience

So, what are the elements of the VCE experience? Right from the start, VCE designs systems that include state-of-the-art technologies from Cisco, EMC, and VMware. The designs follow strict architectural standards to match manufacturer specifications. Then, we build them as one, ready to run applications.

VCE’s TCE really becomes visible once the systems are on premise. Simplicity is further enhanced with providing “single-call” support for the systems and the components. That covers all components and how they integrate together. Problems get fixed quicker, with less time required by support. Every time I meet with customers and prospects, they always tell me how important this aspect of the VCE experience is.

“The VCE Support model has greatly exceeded our expectations,” said Rick Brandl, IT Director, Hunter Fan Company. “Having a single line of support to handle all three aspects of our infrastructure is tremendous, saving countless hours we can now spend on activities to help the business grow.”

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VCE Vblock®, VxBlock™ and VxRack™ Systems also are managed with one object view of the converged infrastructure using VCE Vision™ Intelligent Operations Software. The net result is a data center that’s easier to keep healthy, stable, optimized and secure.

And all systems are sustained as one with a robust lifecycle assurance via our Release Certification Matrix (RCM), which ensures components maintain interoperability. Customers really enjoy this because it reduces their costs by 50%, and cuts the risk of downtime associated with updates.

Our TCE is never idle because we’re always innovating to keep up with customers’ needs. During the past year, the simplicity of the VCE Experience was extended to transformative new products and solutions. These include hyper-converged use cases with VCE VxRack Systems, converged solutions, and scale-out data centers with VCE Vscale™ Architecture.

The bottom line for VCE is that TCE is what we live by —it’s the unique customer experience that defines VCE.

About the Author: Tim Page