What Happened At The Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Booth At EMC World 2015?


There was never a dull moment at EMC World 2015, especially if you stopped by the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud booth. If you didn’t have the chance to make it there – here is your recap!

If you think back to last year, EMC redefined expectations by deploying a hybrid cloud fast. Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 11.32.45 AM.pngAttendees were blown away when they watched our hybrid cloud get built from the ground up in just 48 hours. This year we took things a step further and demonstrated how quickly customers can leverage the solution to deploy complex applications and services.

Guests entered the booth eager to learn how the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud would uphold its promise of delivering unparalleled business agility. EMC industry experts provided the answer to their questions in mere seconds through live demonstrations.  While perusing through the booth, these visitors were able to experience traditional and next generation application development right before their eyes.

If you didn’t attend the event, get a taste of it yourself here:


Attendees went from curious to in awe in a matter of minutes when they peered into the fishbowl. Here, our experts were taking complex application requests and developing them at a staggering pace.  EMC’s partnership with Puppet Labs expands upon VMware App Services by enabling IT organizations to create application deployment blueprints. Users can actually create their own step-by-step instructions resulting in rapid and repeatable deployments. This new level of automation allows for time efficiency and ensures consistency across environments. Imagine what your business could accomplish if you weren’t spending so much time putting out fires and focused on the tasks that really matter? Our staff turned that vision into a reality with a few simple clicks!

Speaking of results only being a few clicks away, booth visitors learned how to deliver Platform-as-a-Service using the power of Pivotal Cloud Foundry.  By automating infrastructure all the way up through runtime, developers can instantly deploy, scale and update hundreds of application instances. Now that your hybrid cloud is running consistently and seamlessly, IT staff can reallocate time away from tedious manual tasks and devote it to innovation. At the end of the day that is what agility is all about, right?

This all may sound sweet enough, but EMC didn’t want to stop there.  We also announced the latest version of our solution, the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 3.0.  Through listening to cloud customers, we identified security and data protection as major concerns when it comes to cloud computing, so we wanted to bring these day 2 operations closer to your core strategy.

And of course, we made it simple. Thanks to the recent acquisition of CloudLink, managing cloud encryption can be done seamlessly by users directly through the self-service portal –  ultimately providing centralized administration and tighter control over security. We’ve enhanced security via secure isolation and network micro-segmentation to deliver granular firewall protection at the application or VM level.

Data protection has also been worked into the self-service portal. Users can monitor the status of the back up, perform on-demand backup and restores, and create new policies that will actually follow the VM’s they are associated with across multi-site configurations.

So while were at it, why not make managing your VSPEX Blue appliances into the self-service portal, too? To bring configuration and deployment simplicity to the next level, admins are given the ability to manage remote office end points from the same portal.

For developers looking to integrate big data into their next applications, there is uniform way to execute here, as well. Big Data-as-a-Service is delivered through Hadoop in only minutes. You might say the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud can deliver Anything-as-a-Service at this point!


As demonstrated at EMC World 215, the EMC Federation has its thumb on the pulse of IT transformations. Businesses should be focusing on developing the applications they need to advance, not configuring the infrastructure. We’re taking care of that aspect of the journey for you by delivering the answer right out of the box. The Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 3.0 was designed to give customers a jump-start on achieving results they’re looking for. We’ve written the recipe for success, you just need to say GO!

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