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Welcome to the EMC Energy Blog.

[show_avatar email=tim.voyt@emc.com align=left avatar_size=30]Energy, when has it not been a hot topic? From the early days of computer aided exploration systems to recent advances in seismic acquisition and smart grid technologies, the world of energy continues on what seems like a never-ending boom.

I have been fortunate to be immersed in these technologies affecting the highly-competitive energy industry and would like to offer you a look into this world.

Contributing to this blog will be the many subject matter experts who reside within EMC as well as their peers, colleagues, and thought leaders from around the Energy industry. So, without further adieu, let me begin by introducing myself and how I will contribute to this blog.

I am trained as an earth scientist. I spent many years developing and delivering computer aided exploration technologies to the oil & gas market back when this area of development was brand new and cutting edge. When I joined EMC a number of years ago, I often got asked by friends and colleagues why I would make a move to an IT company that couldn’t possibly have anything to do with oil and gas. On the surface that seems like a good question, but when you dig deeper you find that the traditional chasm between E&P application environments and the underlying infrastructure that supports those applications is not such a wide crevasse after all.

Indeed, there are number of exciting new advances in application suites, data collection and analysis tools, and underlying infrastructure technologies that can be harnessed to benefit all these areas. For example, some of the next generation seismic sensors which are just over the horizon will not only benefit from a convergence of applications and infrastructure, it will demand it in order to make practical use of the data streams.

In a nutshell, that is the attraction for someone with my background – figuring out how to converge the science with the infrastructure to create and drive real value back into the business of finding and safely extracting hydrocarbons. I believe there is a tremendous opportunity to leverage seemingly horizontal advances in IT to benefit workflows and processes within the O&G industry.

At this point, I will cut short this post and provide my peers and colleagues a chance to contribute to this blog. Out of the gate, you will read about EMC’s presence at SEG Annual Meeting in San Antonio as well as topics surrounding our new solution offering, EMC Isilon PetroVault, eDiscovery, interviews with our partners, and our recent investment in the Oil & Gas Center of Excellence in Brazil.

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