VxRack System 1000 gains a ‘Powerful Edge’

There are a lot of things that supposedly go better together but can be argued.  Some say chocolate and peanut butter clash, cookies and milk just makes soggy cookies.  But some just can’t be argued, especially when you back them up with facts.

The Dell EMC hyper-converged (HCI) portfolio, which includes VxRail appliances and VxRack rack-scale systems, have been integrated with Dell PowerEdge Servers.   So what does that mean for customers?  It means additional customer uses cases while providing more flash capacity. This concerted effort will allow customers to further move the needle toward HCI in the core data center and remote/branch offices.

Dell Technologies is #1 in servers for a reason- they bring the most advanced server infrastructure with latest processors, more cores, and more storage.  One of the major benefits gained for VxRack is more flash.  For example, new PowerEdge can deliver 17TB of useable flash compared to previous version with 7TB.  That means a lot more flash in the same footprint.  Next, is the ability to make use of DAS Cache which helps with performance (I/Os) of applications such as Microsoft SQL,etc (VxRack FLEX).  Finally, existing customers can add PowerEdge to current systems, protecting their previous investment.dellemc_vxrack_angle_3blocks_large

To give you an idea of what a VxRack System can consist of in a single floor tile, let’s look at some numbers->
VxRack FLEX with Dell EMC ScaleIO and Dell PowerEdge can provide:

  • 800 CPU Cores
  • 19TB RAM
  • 428TB useable SSD
  • 512 x 10g ports
  • and the full Dell EMC factory built and support experience

That’s all in a single floor tile.  As a result, it is a perfect choice for core data centers where simplicity and scale are required- nothing else in the HCI market can even come close.

This update of the VxRack family does a lot for our customers.   Imagine a hyper-converged solution for the core data center that is capable of running practically any type of workload all in a single stack at scale. VxRack System supports multiple node personas (FLEX, SDDC, Neutrino), each leveraging different software stacks to address the unique requirements of both traditional and cloud native applications and workloads- running on Dell PowerEdge Servers.

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