vStart: Helping you achieve your business results, virtually!

Since its launch back in April 2011, vStart, Dell’s pre-engineered and pre-built virtualization solution has found a home in companies big and small and across multiple geographies Whether it is a multi-billion Tier 1 auto parts provider in Ohio or a small law firm in Germany or even a mid-sized Telecom in Lebanon, our customers are leveraging the expertize of Dell and the versatility of the vStart solutions to achieve their desired business outcomes.

As we get more and more customers, we are beginning to see the four most popular ways a vStart is being used:

1.  Achieving/Expanding Virtualization: Companies that have either never delved into virtualization or have successfully accomplished some level of virtualization but realize the complexity and are looking for ways to expand their existing environment in a simple, reliable manner find vStart to be a good fit for their needs.

2. Infrastructure for Remote Offices/Branch Offices: Mid to large companies often have adequate personnel skills in their head office; unfortunately, it is not the samein branch offices/remote offices. IT staffing is generally sparse and the skills limited. Companies are finding that converged infrastructure such as Dell vStart enables them to quickly and reliably furnish these offices with flexible, scalable virtual infrastructure.

3. Disaster Recovery: Disasters are unavoidable. All successful companies plan for them and ensure that their risks are managed such that they can continue to deliver on their SLAs should a disaster occur. Organizations are realizing that using the vStart solution, they can quickly and easily create identical environments in geographically dispersed locations to ensure that their Disaster Recovery plans are reliable and effective.

4. Application Hosting: Some organizations are looking for ways to introduce new applications in a non-disruptive manner or host their mission critical applications such that they are separated from their main infrastructure. Again, for these customers, vStart provides a wonderful platform on which they can quickly and easily host their applications.

To learn more about these and other uses cases and how the vStart solution brings value in each, read the full Ziff Davis whitepaper.

About vStart
vStart is a converged infrastructure solution that enables IT and business stakeholders to accelerate application and IT service delivery through pre-engineered, pre-built and pre-tested server, storage, network and management components that leverage VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization platforms. For more information on vStart please visit www.dell.com/vStart

About the Author: Deepak Kanwar