VSPEX Says Hello to Continuous Availability, Tells Complexity to Take a Hike (Again)

We’re always keeping our ear to the ground over here at VSPEX HQ — and by this I mean we keep a very strong and open dialogue with EMC’s VSPEX-enabled channel partners.  They’ve been telling us lately that their customers are becoming interested in moving from high availability environments to Continuously Available environments for their mission-critical applications. Downtime means SLAs aren’t met, and that can mean lost revenue…and while high availability is good, Continuous Availability is better. But that means two different infrastructures are needed, maybe in two different data centers, both active, completely synchronized. There is effectively a zero RPO and RTO: Continuous Availability.  The new VSPEX with EMC VPLEX (say that three times fast) that we’re announcing today does just this.


The new EMC VSPEX with VPLEX virtual storage solution eliminates the complexity companies face. We’ve built, tested and validated the VSPEX with VPLEX solution in our labs. We have documented precisely how to size, configure and deploy the solution so that customers don’t have to – all while maintaining the customer’s ability to choose the networking, and server technology contained in the complete stack (the choice that VSPEX is well-known for).

If you don’t know what VPLEX does let me give you a bit of insight — VPLEX virtual storage enables application mobility, which results in Continuous Availability for mission-critical applications. How? VPLEX is a unique technology that enables hosts read and write access to the same data served from two or more storage arrays separated by distance simultaneously. This effectively creates an active/active environment between two data centers separated by distance, wherein the virtual machines running your mission critical applications can move from one location to the other as they’re running. So, for example, when unforeseen performance issues impact a given server or the weather service alerts you to a tornado warning, your virtualized mission-critical applications can be moved across data centers immediately with no impact to the user experience. In the simplest of terms, it means your application isn’t going down and taking your bottom line with it.

The VSPEX for VPLEX solution will be available on June 3. In the meantime, Bull, a very highly skilled VSPEX-enabled channel partner, has actually already delivered VSPEX with VPLEX to one of their customers.  Does zero RPO and near-zero RTO appeal to you? How about not just disaster prevention, but disaster avoidance? Does the fact the whole solution was implemented in only a month appeal to you?  Then the story Bull tells will appeal to you as well – watch:

Edwin Brok_Bull_Video Image

More information about EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure solutions can be found here. For the new VSPEX iBook for Apple iPad, click here.

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About the Author: Chad Dunn

Chad Dunn is a 14-year-plus veteran of EMC and Dell Technologies.  He currently leads the Product Management organization for the multi-billion dollar Hyperconverged and Converged Infrastructure and software defined storage portfolio for Dell Technologies.  Prior to this role, Chad built and led the Product Management team that created VxRail, Dell’s flagship HCI product now recognized as number one in this rapidly growing market.  Prior to his work in Hyperconverged Infrastructure, he created and led the EMC VSPEX reference architecture program that generated over $2B in incremental revenue for EMC and its partners. Before VSPEX, Chad worked in the Emerging Technologies group within EMC and is a veteran of a number of start-up companies in the Boston area.