VSPEX BLUE Ushers In Radically Simpler IT

Notice how the pace of business seems to accelerate every year putting IT departments at a disadvantage as they try to keep up with the demands for additional compute, storage, performance and feature functionality?   Yeah, we do too. The struggle to provide agility, on demand scale, low costs and reliability means IT pros have a lot of sleepless nights.

With the VSPEX BLUE hyper-converged infrastructure announced today, EMC is delivering Hyper Converged Simplicity. Now, IT departments can deploy complete infrastructure solutions when and how needed. The VSPEX BLUE appliance is powered by VMware EVO: RAIL and EMC software that delivers compute, storage, networking and management in a single 2U platform. This enables IT to react quickly, free from the burden of advanced IT consumption planning, and provide virtual assets when, how AND where the business demands.

VSPEX Blue 1

VSPEX BLUE infrastructures provide a radically simpler approach to IT. VSPEX BLUE can go from power on to provisioning VMs in less than 15 minutes. The appliance is ridiculously simple to install, manage, and scale, which means customers spend more time innovating and less time buried in the weeds of maintenance and troubleshooting.

Built off the simplicity that VMware’s EVO:RAIL delivers, EMC has extended VMware’s clean and responsive web interface to deliver effortless automation with the VSPEX BLUE Manager. The Manager seamlessly integrates into the native user interface providing deeper and more holistic insights into the appliance hardware as well as access to EMC Customer Support through online chat, web-based service requests and integration with EMC Secure Remote Support for diagnostics and proactive failure avoidance.

But wait, there’s more! What if customers could have a built-in Market with software and services that address the challenges they face in their IT environment — such as wanting to provide flexibility through third party cloud providers, or the ability to side step an outage with point-in-time VM recovery, or the ability to rapidly recover files? With the VSPEX BLUE Market this is possible!

In the Market, customers have access to software and solutions that have been chosen by EMC for their appliance.  In this first release, EMC has added easy download access to EMC CloudArray, RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines and VMware’s vSphere Data Protection Advanced. With EMC CloudArray, IT has the flexibility to provide potentially limitless cloud based storage for users giving them the flexibility they need.  If customers want to minimize risk and gain peace of mind by ensuring applications are online and available around the clock then they choose RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines.  Also available is VMware’s vSphere Data Protection Advanced. This source deduplicated backup and recovery is truly simple to configure and will ensure recovery of deleted files quickly and without complexity. Pairing that with the target-based deduplication capabilities of Data Domain makes for a best-in-class back up and archiving solution.

VSPEX Blue 2

Hyper Converged?  It’s new, we get it.  Worried about putting all your eggs in one basket? With the EMC 24X7 support experience, remote monitoring and data protection technology we are making this new consumption model for IT as available and reliable as EMC customers expect.  So isn’t it time to ease the burdens faced in IT departments? So, relax and Redefine Simplicity with EMC VSPEX BLUE.

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About the Author: Chad Dunn

Chad Dunn is a 14-year-plus veteran of EMC and Dell Technologies.  He currently leads the Product Management organization for the multi-billion dollar Hyperconverged and Converged Infrastructure and software defined storage portfolio for Dell Technologies.  Prior to this role, Chad built and led the Product Management team that created VxRail, Dell’s flagship HCI product now recognized as number one in this rapidly growing market.  Prior to his work in Hyperconverged Infrastructure, he created and led the EMC VSPEX reference architecture program that generated over $2B in incremental revenue for EMC and its partners. Before VSPEX, Chad worked in the Emerging Technologies group within EMC and is a veteran of a number of start-up companies in the Boston area.