VMworld 2014, Life in the #FlashLane

Life in the #FlashLane - A silly 1980's style music video, and Monday's VMworld Breakout Sessions.

VMworld 2014, Day one! Life in the #Flashlane

What an absolute blast making that video! #FlashLane More to come!

Be sure to stop by the EMC Booth and don’t miss today’s EMC breakout sessions.


  • “The Insider Threat and the Cloud” The Harsh Reality in the Wake of Recent Security Breaches”, hosted by Davi Ottenheimer, Senior Director of Trust, EMC. (ID SEC2296,MON Aug25, 11:00am)
  • “Building ITaaS – A Self Service Framework for IT Administrators”, hosted by Darryl Smith & David Atkins. (ID MGT3041,MON Aug25, 11:03am)
  • “CareSystems Automation: Storage and Service Tiering in Enterprise Healthcare”, hosted by Daniel Stafford & Jonathan Miller. (ID BCO2649, MON Aug25, 12:30am
  • “Virtualizing SAP: Design Gidelines and How They Are Used in EMCs Successful SAP Implementation”, hosted by Kenneth Paul & Vas Milra (ID VAPP2309,MON Aug25, 1:00pm)
  • “Ask the Experts vBloggers”, featuring Chad Sakac & Rich Scherer. (ID SEC2296,MON Aug25, 5:30pm
  • “Scripting and Programming Cloud Automation – The How to Power Hour”, hosted by Magnus Nilsson, Clint Kitson & Matt Cowger. (ID INFO3014-SPO,MON Aug25, 5:30pm

#FlashLane World Premier

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