VMware watch – who’s saying what?

I thought I'd collect and share links to news and blogs about VMware, following the departure of founder Diane Greene earlier today.  Without adding everything up and throwing it into a blender, it appears that most observers see this as a blown play by EMC.  I'm not so sure.  The timing isn't very good, but VMware probably needs a more operations focused leader at this stage of their development.  Whatever, it sure adds a lot of mystery to the industry at a time when things tend to get a little sleepy.

The New York Times

The Register


Rich Brambley VM/ETC blog

The LoneSysAdmin

StorageZilla  it will be interesting to see what he says about this in the days to come

Todd Bishop – with a Microsoftian perspective

Om Malik's blog on Giga OM

Richard Jones at The Burton Group

Tom Curlin's comments on virtualization.com.  Perhaps the worst case of bad timing in a long while

Dave Raffo at Storage Soup

A MIcrosoft will rule the world blog from Search Virtualization

Scott Lowe's blog

The Zerowait blog

Mark Bowker from ESG

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