Virtues of Virtualization

I think it’s no surprise to any of our readers that virtualization has many virtues for IT environments — it’s pretty well-documented. What I’m seeing is that virtualization has now moved beyond the early adopters and back-room applications into the main stream in small and large enterprises alike. The virtualization value proposition is no longer about cost savings on hardware alone; it is about reducing TCO and improving Quality of Service including ease of implementing a Disaster Recovery solution of mainstream IT applications such as SQL Server.

An example of this comes to us from our customer Chris at the FreeGarble blog who shared his take on the benefits of virtualizing his SQL environment. He also provides a quick and dirty outline of the process he followed to successfully convert his SQL 2005 environment from physical to virtual. He joins the growing list of users who are virtualizing their Microsoft applications. I can’t wait to hear about Chris’s experience in virtualizing his Exchange environment.

Now that Microsoft supports many of their popular applications in the supported virtualization environments, we are seeing a surge of interest in virtualization to reduce cost and get better redundancy and even better performance. Dell EqualLogic storage products were designed from the ground up for a virtualized IT infrastructure. By utilizing Gigabit Ethernet for SAN infrastructure and automating complex storage management tasks like provisioning, snapshots and remote replicas, EqualLogic solutions help reduce the costs of IT virtualization and lower the risk of human errors.

Thanks again Chris for sharing your experience about converting your SQL 2005 implementation from a physical to a virtual environment using Dell EqualLogic storage. I have been bit a couple of times by not upgrading to a newer technology at the right time and then finding out that the older technology is either very costly to upgrade or support because of the scarcity of skilled personnel. With respect to virtualization, I wouldn’t want to be caught standing on the sidelines. If you want to read more about EqualLogic solutions for virtualizing Microsoft applications, we've got a great overview that can be found here.

Take a look and please let me know what you think.

About the Author: Suresh Jasrasaria