Virtually yours: Efficient Enterprise, a Power Solutions Magazine special edition

Pervasive virtualization, cloud-based delivery, converged and unified infrastructure, unprecedented data growth, and billions of potential end points—these are but a few attributes of the Virtual Era, an new era of enterprise computing that's arrived at the doorstep of IT.

Efficient Enterprise special editoin

The just-published Efficient Enterprise special edition of Dell Power Solutions magazine is all about helping you successfully make the transition to the Virtual Era. Among the editorial features in this special 2011 issue:

  • "Efficiency breakthrough," a holistic guide to the Dell Efficient Enterprise strategy, including insights on how to approach the Efficient Data Center, Efficient Workforce, and Efficient Cloud areas of focus—with an emphasis on accelerating business agility and innovation, while tackling efficiency across people and processes as well as technology.
  • "Unleash the power to do more," an introductory note from Steve Schuckenbrock (President, Dell Large Enterprise).
  • "Executive Q&A: Common ground," where Dell CIO Robin Johnson and CFO Brian Gladden articulate how the rapport between IT and Finance helped turn Dell into an Efficient Enterprise.
  • "How does your IT measure up?" delves into the the Dell IT Efficiency Model (ITEM), a highly sophisticated approach to help assess IT efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Success stories from Dell customers already achieving Virtual Era results, including MGM Resorts International,, and Carnival Cruise Lines.

Happy reading, and we hope you enjoy your journey along the way to becoming an Efficient Enterprise.

About the Author: Tom K