Virtualization Whitepaper on Microsoft Hyper-V

Take a look at a post by Todd Muirhead of Dell's TechCenter on Microsoft's Virtualization team blog

TechCenter - CopyOne of the engineers behind Dell's technical community, Todd writes about a new Hyper-V on 24-Core R900 whitepaper that our technical teams authored.

I won't steal all of Todd's thunder but the whitepaper focuses on Dell's new PowerEdge R900 four-socket, 4U servers with Intel’s new 6-core E7450 Xeon (aka Dunnington) processors and performance testing with Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V. The design of the tests was to see how much additional performance could be gained with the 6-core processors when moving from 4-core processors.

Click over to his post take a look.

About the Author: Bruce Anderson