Virtualization at Dell IT Executive Summit

Virtualization is all the rage these days in IT circles and for good reason. IT departments at companies of all sizes are required to do more with less resources. Power and cooling issues are forcing companies to reconsider the building of new data centers. Then there’s that whole economy thing that Robin talked about in his video.

And virtualization is on the agenda for Dell’s IT Executive Summit taking place today and tomorrow in Austin. Approximately 200 CIOs and IT decision-makers are participating in the conference. I sat down yesterday with Buddy Holtzendorf of Dell’s IT group to get an idea from him of what he plans to discuss at the summit. His talk, entitled “How To Drive Cost Out of Your Infrastructure,” profiles Dell’s experience with virtualizing its data centers and why customers of all sizes should have virtualization on their radar. The Dell IT group has virtualized more than 5,000 servers and saved the company over US$29 million using a scalable, worldwide virtualization model.

We’ve got a case study on Dell’s virtualization program that outlines much of that work that Buddy references in the video below.

About the Author: Bruce Eric