VIDEO: IT agility in Singapore’s “smart nation”

Speed still matters. That’s something we continually hear when talking to our customers. The biggest issue? The time required to implement new technology at scale. A growing number of businesses are recognising that they not only need best-of-breed virtualization, server, network, storage and backup – these elements all have to be fully integrated in a way that’s simple and intuitive to manage.

This is a major issue for Singaporean businesses seeking to gain an edge in IT innovation. The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore’s (IDA) recently announced that the Government would call for an estimated S$2.2 billion worth of information and communications technology (ICT) tenders this financial year, of which a primary focus area would its Smart Nation initiative. In its push to make Singapore the world’s first Smart Nation, the Government will implement solutions to collect, analyse and distribute massive quantities and varieties of data to help its citizens and optimise services, examples of which include building smart homes and introducing Smart Mobility.

All this points towards massive new market opportunities for a range of industries in Singapore, including construction, consumer technology, and of course the country’s large electronics components and semiconductor sector. But to take advantage of new demand, businesses will need IT infrastructure that’s reliable, agile, and fast to deploy if they’re to ride on Singapore Government’s momentum.

VCE’s converged infrastructure solutions take 45 days to implement from start to finish, up to 4 times faster than traditional infrastructure deployments. When combined with the flexibility to handle any variety of workloads, you’ve got a solution that, according to Enderle Group Principal Analyst Rob Enderle, “gives customers what they paid for, gives it to them fast and it pretty much does everything they want it to do.”  Some of our customers in Asia-Pacific have literally deployed Vblocks in the middle of construction sites: they’re built for speedy roll-outs which won’t lead to headaches further down the track.

As more organizations start to understand the benefits of converged infrastructure and the market fills up with ‘converged’ offerings, our customers continue to do things with Vblock Systems that “people didn’t really believe could be done.”

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