Vblock Man – Fighting for the True Converged Infrastructure

You’ve no doubt heard of the superhero that has everyone’s hearts, and capes, fluttering with excitement. Only months ago Vblock Man zoomed into Data City, and already incidents involving complicated and faulty infrastructures are on the decline. Vblock Man is striking fear into any IT baddie who dares try to cause chaos in our fair city. As Data City’s award-winning reporter, I was the first to sit down with Vblock Man for an exclusive interview.

Charlene Mazza: You began your career as an engineer at VCE. What inspired you to leave your position and get into IT crime fighting?

Vblock Man: The truth, Charlene – to expose the truth about the transformational power of Vblock Systems. It all started late one night in the VCE R&D lab. I spilled my energy drink into an experimental Vblock unit and, when I reached in, the force of the true converged infrastructure seized my hand. I lurched back, but the metamorphosis had begun. A bright blue light burst in front of me. I collapsed.

CM: But when you woke…

VBM: When I woke, I realized the power and intelligence of the Vblock had transformed my body. Within 48 hours, I had the strength, speed and agility of 20 system administrators and I could fly! But I was plagued by the cries from my fellow administrators. I could hear them scream in anger and frustration.

CM: You could sense their anguish! How was it possible?

VBM: My VCE Vision points the way to faulty, inadequate infrastructures and helps me expose the evil imposters that have been wreaking havoc on the heart of an enterprise.

CM: Some people would use that power and influence to benefit themselves. What keeps you in the struggle to solve IT injustice?

VBM: “To right IT wrongs and promote product truth, customer justice and the VCE Experience.” That’s my motto and I live by it. I’ve seen a lot of imposters out there, fooling people into believing they offer a converged infrastructure when that’s simply not true. And as long as I have my power of flight, my super strength and speed, and my Vision to sense IT infrastructure trouble, I will keep up the fight.

CM: Speaking of imposters, you recently saved the city from the vile “Super Alliance.” What can those of us who don’t have super powers do to protect ourselves from these imposters?

VBM: We must educate all of Data City’s citizens about the qualities of a true converged infrastructure. Ask yourself, is your infrastructure engineered, manufactured, managed, supported and sustained as one product? If you answered “no,” I’m afraid you’re dealing with an imposter.

CM: You’re fighting a battle as big as my nightly ratings war with that plastic hairpiece from the Evening News. Fortunately you don’t have to go it alone.

VBM: Yes! Our IT administrators are rallying together, arming themselves with the knowledge, training and skills necessary to combat imposters. These converged operators hold the same powers I’ve developed – speed, agility and strength – to provide transformative results to Data City’s enterprises.

CM: Thank you for continuing the fight for the true converged infrastructure. This has been Charlene Mazza reporting.

About the Author: Charlene Mazza