Using Live Chat: ‘Problem or Question Type’ Guidance

EMC’s Live Chat continues to provide a positive support experience for customers that require immediate response to questions. The combination of quick response and technical expertise has driven EMC’s drive toward service excellence in any communication channel that our customers choose. The proof is the continued growth of Chat activity and heightened satisfaction levels. This growth has helped to identify opportunities for improvement in our efforts to go from ‘Good to Great’. This starts with the Chat entry page.

The Chat entry page is designed to assist in Chat routing to the correct service team. At its best, our customers are able to engage the correct technical support group in a matter of seconds. When an incorrect selection is made, our customers may interact with several people until they get to the correct support group. The additional time and effort is a recognized source of frustration. I would like to address this confusion with the guidance provided in this posting.

The screen shot below is from the Using Live Chat document on ECN:


There are 5) items to select from in the drop-down list. The following guidance expands Step 3 (p.3) of the original document.

  • Technical Support – Systems issue, failure, break-fix : Ideally, this option is used to address ‘New’ issues. This should not be used to follow-up on existing support concerns. The best place to follow-up is through ‘Administrative Service Request Inquiry’.
  • Product Licensing : Use this option for assistance obtaining new licenses or addressing registration issues with EMC products.
  • Contract, Warranty or Maintenance Assistance : This is the entry point for maintenance contract issues, not necessarily maintenance assistance. If something is broken, use ‘Technical Support’.
  • Parts Replacement : The intent of this line is to streamline the Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU) process. CRUs are typically disk drives and power supplies. If you are not replacing the component on your own, use ‘Technical Support’.
  • Administrative Service Request Inquiry : This is the best option for inquiries about existing service events. While not technicians directly, they can provide status and route your inquiry to the correct service group. For example, if you are looking for status on a component replacement, they will provide current details and initiate contact to the local service team. If you are looking to get the status of an existing service request (SR), they will route you to the correct team.


Selecting the best option will help to get to the correct group engaged the first time. I hope that this guidance is useful to improving your Chat experience with EMC. Feedback is appreciated.

Jeff Cote

Sr. Manager, USD

Customer Services


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