Using Dell’s engineered solutions and cloud portfolio to drive future readiness

This week, Dell will host the Dell Annual Analyst Conference (DAAC), where we invite both financial and industry analysts from all over the world to experience and learn about our solutions, customer successes, and future plans.

I am particularly looking forward to this event, because it will be my first.

I joined Dell in January as the VP and general manager for engineered solutions and cloud. Until last year, I was VP of global marketing for HP’s server business—and ran the mainstream (rack and tower) server business. I had joined Compaq originally where I was one of the founding members of both the Presario and IPAQ product lines and was there for the birth of the x86 server industry.

I was thrilled at the opportunity to come to Dell and lead one of the most customer-focused and dynamic teams in the industry, using Dell’s end-to-end capabilities from client to data center to cloud. Our team’s mission is to address your workload and next-generation infrastructure needs with pre-engineered offerings, appliances, and other similar solutions designed to be speedy, simple, and provide disruptively better ROI.

Like all of Dell, we focus on a customer-centric approach. We know you need a complete vision for each solution that does not lock you in to one platform or one approach. We know you need innovation, but you also need results today. We’ve already been hard at work planning and executing the next stage of radical simplification, flexibility, and TCO for you, not just in the data center but in the fast-developing domain of off-premises, as-a-service IT. In fact, what I didn’t realize until I got here is that Dell is already a leader in the realm of engineered solutions, and above all in cloud. Here are a few things that you may not know about Dell’s Innovative solutions:

Did you know that Dell was one of the first to enter the market, has been supplying and building many of the world’s largest hyperscale and cloud environments since 2007, with over 1 million servers shipped globally? We are the undisputed leader in the hyperscale server market.

Were you aware that Dell’s Cloud Clinical Archive gives healthcare providers instant access to over 9 billion medical images which is more than any other such service?

Or that the Dell Boomi integration platform as a service offering, which helps customers with integration of data and applications anywhere, has been noted as a leader in its category by four distinct IT analyst firms?

We realize customers have diverse environments and need more cost effective flexibility than ever. To meet that need, customers can take advantage of our rapidly evolving, heterogeneous cloud management and new infrastructure deployment automation tools such as Dell Cloud Manager and Active System Manager. Let’s also not forget the endpoint or client side of “end to end”: our VDI, cloud, and thin client business where Dell Wyse is the worldwide leader in thin client shipments and revenue.

You’ve heard a lot from us at Dell about IT and the enterprise’s prime opportunity today: ensuring that the enterprise is future ready. When I joined Dell, I was proud to discover that we’ve been giving our customers rapid results at unmatched ROI in workloads, modular infrastructure, and cloud opportunities for a very long time. I’ve seen that Dell’s combination of focus on customer, innovation, deep experience, and results has laid the foundation for enabling the future-ready enterprise today. In future posts, I look forward to sharing those stories with you, and will continue to push our comprehensive solutions and cloud portfolio forward to stay ahead of the game on your behalf.  Stay tuned…A LOT more to come…

About the Author: Jim Ganthier

Jim Ganthier is a global technology executive with over 20 years of experience delivering business results in multinational technology, products and solutions companies.