Use Real-World Data to Drive Effective IT Decisions

Gather insights to accurately assess customers’ IT infrastructure needs

In today’s fast-moving digital economy, organizations need to modernize and transform their IT to stay competitive. But customers are likely to be reluctant to make the required purchasing decisions without having a clear and comprehensive view of their current IT environment and workloads to hand – especially when budgets are limited.

In the past, this has presented a significant problem – because the research and evaluation phase of a typical IT purchase cycle can last 4-9 months. Now, Dell EMC Live Optics changes everything.

With Live Optics, you can present your customers with real-world data quickly and easily. It not only helps to drive effective IT decisions but also enables you to better match recommended solutions to specific workloads and desired business outcomes, in an impressive turnaround time.

Delivering advanced insights about server performance across all workloads and other infrastructure elements, Dell EMC Live Optics allows you to collect and analyze data about a customer’s IT infrastructure.

The easy way to assess existing infrastructure

Live Optics is free, online software that all Dell EMC partners can use to quickly and easily collect, visualize and share data about their customers’ IT environments and workloads.

This sophisticated profiling tool takes all the legwork out of researching a customer’s current infrastructure and putting together proposals for server refresh and other optimized IT solutions.

Spanning server, virtualization, storage, data protection, workloads and trends, it’s also an easy way to introduce organizations to the performance and efficiency benefits of embracing IT transformation – starting by modernizing their infrastructure.

Visually explore workload performance

In the past, customers may have found that aggregating and analyzing data from individual servers and data centers to make purchasing decisions lead to overspending. That’s because particular aspects of the IT infrastructure were assessed in isolation. To modernize their infrastructure – the first step towards IT transformation – customers need to understand how their organization’s workloads have an impact on each other in a shared environment over time.

Dell EMC Live Optics creates transparency, so you and your customers can accurately see and diagnose their unique IT needs. It means that you can recommend solutions that are optimized to meet the demands of specific workloads and business outcomes, while they can better control the buying process.

This free, lightweight, remote and agentless software streams workload data from your customers’ systems to an online analytics engine, then measures, analyzes and blends workload characteristics.

The Live Optics dashboard shows the results as a visual summary of individual and group server performance across all workloads. This enables you to identify areas where the entire infrastructure can operate more efficiently as a whole – at potentially lower cost for your customers.

Transform IT and deliver real business results

The ability to gain a clear, accurate view of an IT environment and workload characteristics in the Live Optics dashboard gives your customers optimal control over their spending and enables them to make data-driven decisions.

It also enables you, as their trusted IT provider, to better map your recommended solutions to their specific business needs. Whether that’s upgrading to the latest Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, featuring next-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, or focusing on optimal integration in another area of the IT stack. With deep insights into server and wider infrastructure performance, workload simulations, utilization and support, you’ll have all the information you need to accurately document requirements and tailor unique solutions for your customers.

Better still, you can use Live Optics to guide your customers towards consideration of the all the benefits of IT transformation in a matter of hours, rather than weeks or even months.

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About the Author: Julie Tatum