Upgrading OneFS with Remote Proactive

We’ve already introduced who Remote Proactive is and what we do; Let’s talk a bit more about one of the activities we support: Isilon OneFS upgrades.

OneFS upgrades contain fixes, security updates and add new features, such as OneFS 8.0’s Constant Availability feature which helps make Node Firmware and subsequent OneFS upgrades non-disruptive.

If you wish to upgrade your Isilon cluster’s OneFS then you have a number of options open to you:

  • Self-upgrade (Isilon is a self-upgradable product); All the relevant documentation is available from https://support.emc.com
  • Engage your local EMC team
  • Open an upgrade type SR requesting an upgrade either by Live Chat, Phone, or directly.

If you do engage EMC to carry out a routine upgrade, then EMC will make contact and plan the upgrade with you


The OneFS Upgrade Planning and Process Guide details what needs to be discussed, what the upgrade requirements are and if there is any expected service disruption. As part of the planning, the health of your cluster needs to be verified and any requirements in the Planning Guide also need to be checked.

Once the cluster is verified to be in a fit state, a date and time is agreed with you, the customer.EMC / Remote Proactive provide 24/7/365 coverage for upgrades, so given enough planning time we can reserve a qualified engineer to suit your ideal maintenance window to minimize the disruption to your users.

When the agreed upgrade time comes around EMC will carry out a series of health checks once more to verify the clusters good health, and if you’ve requested it at planning time, will make contact with you for final permission before proceeding.

Once the upgrade is complete EMC will carry out another set of checks to verify the clusters health post upgrade. Once the health of the cluster is verified you will receive contact to let you know we’ve completed the activity.

EMC’s Remote Proactive group carried out over 7,500 Isilon upgrade activities in 2015; We’d be delighted to assist you in upgrading your Isilon cluster.

Joe Barry

EMC Remote Proactive Manager

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