Two Paths to Virtualization

Earlier this week I posted about how virtualization can help you simplify and save in the data center. Yesterday, we presented a Virtualization Summit that covers everything from trends and new uses of virtualization technology (e.g. as a provisioning and migration tool) to technical, performance-gating factors (e.g. memory and I/O).

Virtualization technology can do some amazing things. In one instance here at Dell, we actually used it to replace 13 servers with one. Admittedly, that’s an extreme case, and only achievable under rare conditions. But it shows how much virtualization really can simplify hardware management – if it’s done right.

Through our continuing deep engagement with our customers, we’ve identified two different paths to virtualization, one that delivers on the promise of simplification, and one that leads to even more complexity.

 The keys to simplification include:

· a clear set of objectives that begin with short-term ROI

· open, flexible technology

· empowerment of the IT staff and freeing up their time for other tasks

In contrast, the complex path begins with an unclear objective, or one that’s unrealistic, e.g. 95 percent usage rates. It also involves choices of inflexible, proprietary technology, and often leads to increased service costs that obliterate any savings.

At Dell, we make sure that virtualization really does lead to simplification by taking an end-to-end perspective that goes beyond a pure product focus to include planning, deployment, and highly-targeted, short-term consulting options that add to the ROI of virtualization rather than subtracting from it.

There’s a lot more to tell. Click on the link in the first paragraph to see the presentation and learn the full story.

About the Author: Chris Ratcliffe