Two EMC World 2014 sessions about EMC Isilon cluster performance

EMC World 2014 is here! This event features many valuable EMC® Isilon® sessions that can help you learn more about your cluster. For example, you can learn about advanced troubleshooting techniques, get a hands-on demonstration of Isilon OneFS 7.1, or learn how to deploy Hadoop on an Isilon cluster in a lab setting.

You can also learn how to maximize the performance of your Isilon cluster by attending these sessions:

“Highest Performance Scale-Out NAS”

Are you new to Isilon and want to better understand which Isilon nodes are best suited for a particular storage workload? Kip Cranford, Technical Marketing Manager, will provide a performance overview of the Isilon scale-out NAS product family in his session, “Highest Performance Scale-Out NAS.” He’ll cover the different performance and capacity characteristics of Isilon S200, X200, and X400 nodes and describe how these characteristics are best suited for specific storage workloads.

If you’re unable to attend EMC World and would like to learn more about Isilon node types, watch the video, “EMC Isilon Site Preparation and Planning: Node Selection” for more information.

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“Maximizing Performance from Your Isilon Clusters”

If you’re already familiar with OneFS and want to improve the performance of your current cluster, attend the session, “Maximizing Performance from Your Isilon Clusters.” Dan Sledz from Isilon Engineering will cover important performance concepts and techniques that apply to your Isilon environment, such as:

  • Caching
    Learn about the importance of caching in OneFS and how memory is shared on a node.
  • Flash Storage
    Learn how OneFS stores meta-data on Flash storage, and the strategies for caching.
  • Streaming
    Learn how to maximize streaming reads.
  • Tuning
    Learn tuning techniques to apply to your cluster.

For more information about EMC World

For more information about session dates, times, and locations, visit the Session Catalog on the EMC World 2014 website.

About the Author: Kirsten Gantenbein