Turbo Charged: EMC Announces Transformative Solutions for Energy

Over the past several years, EMC Information Intelligence Group (IIG) has been delivering solutions to help customers streamline their capital projects by enabling managers of complex design and construction projects to effectively create, share, maintain and secure the large volumes of engineering-related content across globally distributed network of vendors and contractors. Today, we announce the new EMC Documentum Asset Operations solution, part of the EMC Documentum Engineering, Plants, and Facilities Management (EPFM) solution suite. This solution enables customers to bring information together. It becomes the single source for standard operating procedures (SOPs), as-built specifications, training documents, and other technical and maintenance information.

We realize most companies have maintenance management and ERP systems in place to help better manage their businesses. With Documentum Asset Operations, we’ve made integration with these systems seamless to ensure the right documents are linked with the appropriate business processes.

What’s cool about all of this is that EMC has been helping companies manage their critical information for two decades. We offer the industry’s most trusted information management platform combining best in class content management technologies including access and version control, records management, enterprise scalability, document capture, and more.

What’s different now is that we’re delivering all of this as a solution. Instead of each company biting off a major implementation project to address their unique situation, they can leverage the years of experience we have delivering this solution to other customers. We take them much further down the road towards getting the solution in place and receiving value. We’ve also made our solutions much more configurable – limiting the need to write code.

So why these solutions, and why now?  Building and operating major projects is challenging work. That’s why we’ve been investing in and growing the Documentum EPFM solution suite to meet customers’ needs for managing and securing large volumes of plant-related content across the entire asset management lifecycle — from designing and building capital projects, to plant maintenance and operation, to redesign or decommissioning.

EPFM Suite

The older the facilities are, the more likely information exists in different silos – and even in paper – creating bigger challenges and increasing the risk. It sounds like hyperbole, but the inability to find and control technical documents can have disastrous effects. Relying upon out-of-date operating procedures or the inability to quickly find as-built specifications can result in catastrophic events.

Asset Ops-Results

These solutions, built specifically for the energy industry, mean that your solution is in place faster, costs less to maintain, but remains flexible enough to meet your business challenges.

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About the Author: Rohit Ghai