Transformation Tours: Volume II, Our Internal Culture Transforming

Over these past few days, I was reminded why the internal culture at Dell Technologies is built on both diversity, and a legacy of good. I was also happy to learn that we are orchestrating an elite internship program, designed to recruit top talent from universities all around the globe.

This is stop #2 on my transformation tour. If you haven’t guessed it, the key staple in this series is transformation. To be honest, it’s really all I have been thinking about lately. It’s discussed frequently in my part-time graduate school MBA program at UMass Lowell. It’s talked about in the Wall Street Journal, and other technology-centric forums. But most importantly, it’s engraved within our mission at Dell Technologies. Right now, our goal remains to accelerate transformation for our customers by enhancing their infrastructure, and setting them up to be successful in this new digital age. Michael Dell has referred to this as the next Industrial Revolution – and the coolest part about this new digital age, is that we’re still at the very beginning of it!

But the more I think about transformation, the more I am realizing that it is also happening internally at Dell Technologies through various initiatives.

An Absolutely Elite Internship Program

I had the honor of speaking to our interns at Dell last week. My first message to them was simple, “welcome to the best intern program in technology.” As a former intern (at heritage EMC) back in 2013, I quickly realized how impact driven our program was. I left equipped with career resources, an upgraded skillset, and a network that I am still in communication with today.

However, this program has been completely transformed – and in its current state right now, it is absolutely elite! I applaud the Dell University Relations team on the transformation of our internship program. To learn more about it, visit our University Relations page:

In speaking with our interns, I encouraged them to find ways to showcase their competitive advantages. There is no set formula to a perfect internship, but there are a few skills that can help you stand out. I challenged them to explore unique ways to add value within their teams – and most importantly, to never be afraid to ask questions or step outside their comfort zones.

You can find a recap of my presentation here–take a look and let me know what you think!

Celebrating the 6th Annual Dell STEM Day for Eureka!

So how is our culture being transformed? Well, we welcomed 30 girls from the Girls Inc. Eureka! program into the Dell EMC headquarters on Friday, July 14th for an interactive day filled with remarks by Chief Diversity Officer, Jackie Glenn, team building workshops on professional development + social media, and a panel discussion.

Friday is always a fun day in the business world, but this was a particularly fun Friday. During my workshop with the girls, I was very impressed by their determination. As a member of the Social Business Team, it was interesting to discuss the topic of social media with them. Popular platforms amongst the younger generation included: Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter – with no love at all for Facebook. Overall, it was an amazing day, and I had a blast interacting with the girls during our workshop.

About the Author: Greg McCarthy

Greg McCarthy works on the Dell Social Business Team, and leads key go-to-market initiatives which range from global events, product launches, and campaigns. With 4+ years of extensive experience in Corporate Marketing, he has specialized in enabling our global social media ecosystem with a proven recipe of social media best practices. McCarthy’s career began at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, where he now also serves as the Vice President of the Alumni Association.