Touring the Nashua Design Center

As you may have read about in previous blog posts, there’s a lot of exciting planning going on for Dell Storage Forum, scheduled for Boston on June 11-13th

Because our Nashua Design Center (one of our storage development sites) is within an hour of Boston, one of the options we’re offering during registration is to come spend half a day with us in Nashua and tour the development labs.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been talking with Dan Sutherland & Dylan Locsin about what we’ll be showing during this visit.

We regularly host customers here at the NDC during visits to our Customer Briefing Center, so we know the behind-the-scenes view of our development, QA, and test activities are popular topics.  It’s kind of like the Universal Studios tour – without the trolleys to cart you around!

Having such a large group visit in tandem with Dell Storage Forum has been a good time to examine what we show during these tours and consider expanding into some new topics.  We’re wondering if there are particular things you might be interested in seeing.

  • Do you want to know about our datacenter design?
  • Are you interested in seeing our efforts on interoperability?
  • What about the test environments from where we write our whitepapers?
  • Anything else we’re missing??

Let us know!  Either comment below, talk with us on Twitter (#DellDesignTour) or on Facebook (Dell Storage).  

PS: As of the time of this posting, there are still a few spots available for the tours during Dell Storage Forum.  If you can’t make one of those, we hope to see you in the future as part of a visit to our Customer Briefing Center.

About the Author: Sheryl Koenigsberg