Tour de Service #3: Taste of Italy

Today’s tour takes us to Europe, specifically to beautiful Italy. Yes, Italy is home to savory cuisine, wonderful wine, and incredible landscapes. What you may not realize is that it is also known for its exceptional service quality. Grab your fork and knife for today’s tour which features a different, but equally delicious, taste of Italy!

EMC Forum: A Recipe for Service Success

The EMC Forum in Milan included a unique twist—a giant “Customer Service Wall of Fame” featuring the outstanding 96.5% Customer Satisfaction rating for the Italian customer service team as well as real customer quotes.

CS Wall at EMC Forum 2013.jpg

I connected with Mauro Scotti, Sr. Director of Customer Service in Italy, to learn more about this creative display. Mauro shared that the Italy team really wanted to provide current and potential customers with the complete view of the EMC experience. Of course this means presenting our latest and greatest products, but it also includes mention of the truly remarkable service experience that is part of why customers continue to choose EMC. When I asked Mauro what makes him so proud of our Customer Service team, he said “our people are fully focused on customer satisfaction. They are not only focused on the technical solution, but work with the customer needs in mind. Our teams interact very closely with the customer and they understand how a technical challenge can impact the customer’s business”.

SIA Group: Partners with EMC to Deliver Delicious Service

It is not just our EMC teams who appreciate the passion of our service teams. Valeriano Bassi, IT Manager for SIA Group, an Italian Financial Services company and EMC customer, comments on the great partnership between his company and EMC Customer Service. In this three-minute video, Valeriano notes  how the EMC team has helped ensure SIA meets the time-sensitive needs of its financial service customers by implementing Flash storage in a Mainframe environment and leveraging remote connectivity via the ESRS Gateway for its VMAX & Data Domain appliances.

SIA Group.png

We hope you enjoyed today’s taste of Italy. Let us know about your service experience in Italy or elsewhere, and we may just feature you on our next tour…

Bon Voyage!

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