Tour de Service #2: The Quest for Proactive Power!

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Cool Tools: VNX & VMAX Health Checks

This tour covers two great customer-executable capabilities—the VNX & VMAX health check tools. These tools can help you more proactively monitor the health of your system. In essence, these health checks work in the same way as an anti-virus software you would run on your personal computer to make sure there are no glaring issues. EMC continues to invest in “serviceability” features, which are integrated directly into our products. We hope to hear about your experience with the VNX & VMAX health check tools, as well as ideas for other ways we can make our products more user-friendly. Continue reading to learn more!

Click here to view Josh Egan & Alan Walsh, EMC Customer Service Leaders, in action!


What do these tools really check?



     Click here to view the VNX health check demo.

VNX health check demo.png


      Click here to view the VMAX health check demo.

VMAX Customer tool.png


EMC Expert: Comments on Customer Impact

Customer Service leader, Alan Walsh, notes the tangible impact of the VNX health check in his InFocus blog post. He reports that customers experience “40 percent
faster case resolution when the health check utility is use”.


Recognize an Adventurer: Real Customer Engagement

Thanks to ECN member, AYAS, for your active participation in our recent Ask the Expert session on “How to Optimize Your VNX”. We appreciate your questions regarding the VNX health check tool, and are happy to hear you were able to install the minimum version of Unisphere Service Manager to access the health check!


Technical Requirements:

VNX Health Check:

– Unisphere Service Manager (USM) version

VMAX Health Check:

– Enginuity 5875 or higher

Unisphere for VMAX 1.5.1 or higher

Unisphere for VMAX Admin or Storage Admin credentials

Learn More!

VNX Health Check:

VMAX Health Check:

For more comprehensive system assessments, check out the PS Health Check Service.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s multi-media adventure and look forward to having you on the next tour. Please share your feedback, questions and blog topic ideas. You never know—you may be featured in the next multi-media blog!

Bon voyage!

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