Top EMC Isilon support documents in December 2014

Here are new customer support documents that were published in December, which include several KB articles about EMC® Isilon® SyncIQ policies and new Isilon Community blog posts published that were written by Isilon experts. You can also review the most viewed KB articles on the EMC Online Support site.

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Most viewed knowledgebase (KB) articles

Check out December’s top 10 most viewed KB articles.

  1. Best practices for NFS client settings (90041)
  2. How to upload files to Isilon Technical Support (16759)
  3. OneFS SMB and Authentication Rollup Patch (174372)
  4. Master Article: Remote Proactive (RCM) (193448)
  5. How to reimage a node using a USB flash drive (16582)
  6. OpenSSL Multiple Vulnerabilities in EMC products (188456)
  7. OneFS 6.5 and later: How to safely shut down an Isilon cluster prior to a scheduled power outage (16529)
  8. How to reset the CELOG database and clear all historical events (16586)
  9. OneFS sysctl commands (89334)
  10. How to create a bootable image of OneFS on a USB flash drive (16691)

Most viewed product documentation

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New Isilon support content

Check out these links to new support content published in December (login to the EMC Online Support site is required for all content except videos).



Video Technical Demo: EMC Isilon SnapshotIQ
Video Technical Demo: EMC Isilon OneFS Simulator
Isilon Community (ECN) Blog Mapping Root to Root versus Root Clients on NFS Exports
Isilon Community (ECN) Blog Elastic Big Data Infrastructure with VMware’s Big Data Extensions 2.1 and Isilon
Isilon Community (ECN) Blog SolVe Generator Desktop is now available to EMC Isilon customers
Isilon Community (ECN) Blog Find out what’s new with OneFS protocol auditing in OneFS 7.1 and OneFS 7.2
Isilon Community (ECN) Blog Welcome to InsightIQ 3.1
Release Notes (updated) VAAI NAS Plug-In for Isilon 1.2 Release Notes
Release Notes (updated) Isilon OneFS 7-1-0 MR Release Notes
KB Article How to configure Active/Passive Failover between a Cisco switch and an Isilon cluster running OneFS 6.5 or later (193717)
KB Article OneFS: SyncIQ policy fails with error: Unable to delete [path]: unlink of Lin 0 failed: No such file or directory (195208)
KB Article OneFS 7.1.1: A SyncIQ policy might fail if the –skip_bb_hash option is set to ‘no’ (195168)
KB Article SyncIQ failover/failback “Allow-write” operation fails with error: siq_policies_load_internal: Failed to gci_ctx_new: Could not allocate parser read buffer: Cannot allocate memory (195578)
KB Article OneFS 6.5 – 7.2 does not support monitoring through SNMP v1 (195412)
KB Article OneFS: SyncIQ policy fails with error: SyncIQ failed to take a snapshot on source cluster. Can’t find latest snapid XXX (195411)

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