Top 20 EMC Isilon support documents in February 2014

One of the goals of this blog is to share the most useful EMC Isilon support-related content that we have to offer. In this post, we’re highlighting 20 of the most viewed knowledgebase (KB) articles and product documents from the month of February.

We hope these documents will help you to quickly find an answer to a common question or resolve an issue.

Top 10 KB articles

To access these KB articles, log in to the EMC Online Support site. Articles in bold are new to the top 10 list this month.

  1. How to download OneFS (172492)
  2. Best practices for NFS client settings (90041)
  3. OneFS 7.0.2 SMB Rollup Patch (172623)
  4. How to create a bootable image of OneFS on a USB flash drive (16691)
  5. How to reset a node to factory defaults (16696)
  6. Patches available for Isilon OneFS (88358)
  7. How to connect to the management port of a node (16744)
  8. OneFS 6.5.5 SMB Rollup Patch (172742)
  9. How to reimage a node using a USB flash drive (16582)
  10. Troubleshooting performance issues (88844)

Top 10 product documents

To access these PDF documents, log in to the EMC Online Support site. Documents in bold are new to the top 10 list this month.

  1. OneFS 7.1 CLI Administration Guide
  2. Isilon Supportability and Compatibility Guide
  3. Current Isilon Software Releases
  4. OneFS 7.1.0 MR Release Notes
  5. OneFS Release Notes
  6. OneFS 7.0.2 Administration Guide
  7. OneFS 7.1 Web Administration Guide
  8. Current Patches for Isilon OneFS 7.0
  9. OneFS 7.0.1 Administration Guide
  10. OneFS 7.0.2 Command Reference

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