Time to Rev Your Engines: Lotus F1 Team Gets a Sleek New Look

EMC and Lotus F1 Team have just celebrated their first anniversary as strategic technical partners and what a year it has been. EMC has transformed the way Lotus F1 Team delivers and consumes IT in the midst of the most transformative and disruptive series of rules changes in Formula 1 history.

One of the most significant milestones EMC has helped Lotus F1 Team achieve has been the monumental improvement in trackside performance. Lotus F1 Team’s trackside initiative encompasses solid infrastructure that allows the team to innovate and iterate faster than ever before. The Team’s E22 car has more than 250 sensors capturing over 1.5 billion data points each race weekend and EMC provides the key resources to make this data readily available at their headquarters.

With better data transfer, Lotus F1 Team can store, and analyze more information in real-time, leading to more competitive predictive decision-making. Lotus F1 Team engineers analyze data in the pit, map the incoming results with race-day strategy, and make adjustments on-the-fly.  In a sport where hundredths of a second mark the difference between a victor and the rest of the pack, this is a key competitive differentiator.

Additionally, the team brings information back to the factory for deeper analysis, adding it back into the simulation models and factoring it into the overall design and manufacturing process to improve the car’s performance. The improved design cycles of the car simply means Lotus F1 Team gets faster and smarter with each race.

With the upcoming race at the Grand Prix du Canada, EMC is excited to showcase the power of partnership at the track in Montreal with sleek new sidepods.

E22_R07 livery2

Best of luck to the entire Lotus F1 Team as you take on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve!

About the Author: Jonathan Martin