Tiger Brands extends its territory in Africa – and saves US$2 million along the way

Travel broadens the mind, as the saying goes. But in the world of business, it can also work wonders on revenues and the bottom line. You only have to look at the case of Tiger Brands in South Africa to see this is true. After all, it was a flight to the Dell Solution Centre in Limerick, Ireland, that was the catalyst in one of its most successful IT projects to date.

The company has big plans and wants to build on its success abroad in countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia and Nigeria. But it understands that a lot of planning and preparation needs to go into such a venture to make it work. Technology was a case in point. The business wanted to centralise its IT to increase efficiency and prepare the way for the development of new markets.  

And this is where travel comes into it. To make these changes, Tiger Brands worked with Dell Consulting Services, which created a test environment at the Dell Solution Centre as part of its engagement with the business. Through a combination of workshops, assessments – and flying out to the centre to see the environment in action – Tiger Brands realised that it was onto a winning design.

It was a true end-to-end service – Dell consultants were there up to and including final deployment of the Dell solution, which consisted of Dell™ PowerEdge™ blade servers with Intel® Xeon® processors. Tiger Brands’ work with Dell really paid off. As a result of the new infrastructure, the company has cut operating costs by US$2 million. What’s more, it has put the company on the road to integrating cloud services into its operations and helped reduce travel for IT maintenance. All in all, Tiger Brands is now in tip-top condition to successfully strike out into new territories across the continent.

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About the Author: Kathy Mahady