Three Ways to Always Show Your Customers The Love

It’s that time of year. Love is in the air. We may eat one too many of those sugary candy hearts with silly messages like “Call Me” or “Love U”. But sometimes all of this Valentine’s spirit makes us realize we may be channeling too much “Pepe Le Pew” chasing our one true love: customers.


It’s a beautiful thing to have a deep and loving bond with your customer base. But it’s not just enough to love them. We have to work hard to use that affinity to help them be successful in keeping their data safe and secure in the cloud. Working together with your customers, here’s 3 great ways to create a relationship worth chasing after. .

Be a partner.
When a company purchases a product like Spanning, they’re doing so because they’re trying to solve a need they can’t within their own organization. With that comes the opportunity for you to be an extension of their team, providing insight to how they can further use your product to solve the problem at hand and make their organization even better. Remember that you’re the product expert. You can offer guidance and wisdom to your customers on how to utilize your product and how it can benefit them in ways they may not have initially thought.

Actively listen to what your customers’ need from you.
Hearing what your customer has to say is one of the easiest ways throughout all parts of the buying cycle to show the love, even before they become your customer. It’s your opportunity to show them that you fully understand their problem at hand. Take notes. Share those notes with your product management and development team to contribute to making better product features in the future. Vendors fall down the slippery slope of wanting to talk all about themselves and their product offerings, but alas, don’t take the bait. The best connections between customer and vendor teams happen when a genuine and active listening process takes place. Your first grade teacher will be proud of you when you turn your listening ears on.

Highlight your customers’ successes.
This is the fun part. You’ve been a partner and developed a relationship. You’ve listened to what your customers’ have to say about how your product works in their environment and how it could work even better. Now, the customer is using your product in ways you never imagined. They’re protecting their data and meeting compliance standards they never could meet before. It’s time to celebrate by letting the world know how they’ve achieved greatness, and of course with their permission first!

One example of how we have highlighted a great customer success is with Millar Inc. They are a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Texas that recently improved its ability to meet stringent FDA and compliance requirements by implementing a SaaS data protection solution for Microsoft Office 365 from Spanning by EMC. This short video below.

Customer love is a difficult thing to measure, but you’ll know it when you have it and you’ll know it when you don’t. But one thing is for sure, just like Pepe Le Pew, you should never stop chasing it.

About the Author: Leslie Chunta