Three New Reasons to Use PowerScale OneFS to Tackle Unstructured Data

It’s estimated that unstructured data (file or object) often accounts for nearly 80% of the data footprint of an organization. That amount of data is expected to grow year-over-year and is increasingly spread out across core data centers and clouds, causing significant complexity for customers.

Think about it – more businesses are looking at hybrid and multi-cloud options that provide simplified management and automation capabilities. Organizations are looking for solutions that provide the performance needed to harness their data to accelerate outcomes. And we’ve certainly seen an increase in the need for flexible tools that support user sharing / collaboration no matter wherever the data lives.

Dell EMC PowerScale, our industry leading scale-out NAS platform, is relied on by thousands of organizations to address their unstructured data needs for simplified management, performance and flexibility – at the edge, the core or the cloud. Today’s release of PowerScale OneFS 9.1, the power behind our PowerScale storage systems, offers several new features that further build on these capabilities, including:

  1. Simplified management
    • In the face of increased threats, simplified, scalable and powerful CAVA-based anti-virus software support that is compatible with all of the leading antivirus vendors.
    • Alerting of node-level and cluster-wide data that is configurable with a great deal of granularity to meet business needs.
    • Backups have been significantly enhanced to include advanced restarting capabilities that provide faster backups and improve RPO and RTO objectives.
    • Increased cluster uptime, which is enabled by faster detection and resolution of node or resource unavailability.
  2. Faster performance
    • OneFS 9.1 is optimized to provide maximum performance for flexible workloads. CloudPools software has been further optimized to deliver faster throughput and lower latency for seamlessly recalling tiered data from the cloud. Internal testing has also shown that it’s possible to have faster data access for encrypted NFS data for some workloads.
  3. Increased flexibility
    • OneFS allows multiple PBs of storage to be managed by a single admin. OneFS 9.1 delivers even more features like flexible audit log management and purging to meet security, compliance and business needs.
    • Flexibility in configurable encryption settings of SyncIQ replicated traffic provides fine-grained control to admins.

Dell Technologies is at the forefront of storing, accessing, retrieving and managing files at petabyte-scale. So, if you are looking to your lower your IT costs, maximize your storage efficiency and future-proof your storage for emerging workloads on a platform that can linearly scale capacity or performance as needed – we encourage you to check out our PowerScale storage systems and OneFS 9.1.

The new release of the software defined OneFS 9.1 is designed to provide you with the flexibility that can help do more with your unstructured data – whether it’s at the data center edge, the core or the cloud. Are you ready to scale-out with us? You’ll be glad that you did.

About the Author: Brian Henderson

Brian Henderson is Director of Product Marketing for Unstructured Data Solutions at Dell Technologies. In this role, he manages the product marketing team responsible for the Dell EMC PowerScale, Isilon, Object Storage, Streaming Data Platform and DataIQ solutions.