The Wait is Over! Isilon OneFS 7.1 Now Generally Available

Building on the core strengths of OneFS 7.0 — simplicity, massive scalability, predictable performance and unmatched efficiency — I am excited to announce OneFS 7.1, previously known as project “Waikiki,” is generally available. As I previewed in May, OneFS 7.1 is designed for organizations not only trying to maintain a traditional robust data center, but those driving new business growth through the deployment of next-generation applications and workflows.

With the ever-evolving world of Big Data and enterprise IT, new storage and data management challenges abound—and the latest version of OneFS offers new capabilities tailored perfectly to these challenges. Features include data deduplication, increased security and data protection, integration with third-party audit applications and enhanced manageability and interoperability. We believe these enhancements will transform the data management possibilities for EMC customers – what do you think?

Let’s dive in.

Isilon SmartDedupe Deduplication: Efficiency Booster for OneFS

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Isilon SmartDedupe is post-processed, fixed-block, integrated, native deduplication which can be configured at a directory level. OneFS can automatically deduplicate files along 8k fixed block boundaries — ideal for large content stores, home directories and file archives. OneFS allows up to 32,000 shared copies of an individual block per storage pool. SmartDedupe also has the ability to analyze an existing directory and estimate the amount of storage saved — making it even easier to enable storage efficiency. What does this mean for our customers? Unbeatable value.

Support for Data at Rest Encryption (DARE) and Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs)

(available later this quarter)

Security and compliance are top-of-mind concerns for many enterprises today and are areas where we continue to invest significantly. To provide these options for our customers, OneFS 7.1 now includes support for DARE via the use of SEDs. This represents new levels of   protection against drive theft or loss by keeping data encrypted on drives. DARE also helps organizations address important data security regulatory requirements including FISMA for government agencies, Financial Services Payment Card Industry standards (PCI DSS) and HIPAA for customers in the healthcare industry.

Upping the Ante with Third-Party Integration

OneFS 7.1 integrates with Varonis and other third-party applications to provide File System Audit capabilities for increased security and compliance. It does this by leveraging the CEE (Common Event Enabler) API, which is compatible with other EMC storage products and industry applications. With this new audit feature, organizations will have tremendous visibility into their large scale file environments with familiar tools.

Enhanced Manageability and Interoperability

OneFS 7.1 also includes an improved Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) capability with full role-based User Interface (UI) and expanded platform API. For enhanced integration with the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Isilon OneFS 7.1 also now provides Kerberos Authentication support for Hadoop. These enhancements enable customers to spend less time managing storage and more time moving the business forward.

We care most about building products that make the IT operations of our customers and partners simple and efficient.  Check out this blog post and hear directly from a few that have experienced just that.

About the Author: Sam Grocott

Sam Grocott is the Senior Vice President of Dell Technologies Business Unit (DTBU) Marketing, which focuses on all infrastructure and client solutions as well as the associated services portfolio. DTBU Marketing also includes key GTM activities across global business-to-business (B2B) campaigns, portfolio messaging and competitive intelligence. Sam began his career with Isilon Systems in 2001 leading Product Management and was responsible for helping bring to market Isilon’s first products in 2003. After Isilon was acquired by EMC in 2010, Sam continued to lead the marketing and product management team that delivered the industry leading scale-out NAS offering. When EMC was acquired by Dell in in 2016, Sam’s role expanded to include the entire Dell EMC Infrastructure Solutions portfolio for Marketing. This set into motion what ultimately resulted in the creation of DTBU Marketing, representing the entire Dell Technologies portfolio.