The secret is out of the box—you can simplify your operations with Dell’s global configuration and fulfillment services for OEMs

If you’re like our typical Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers, you grapple with a number of challenges in your process to conceive, produce and deliver products to your increasingly global customers. Some of the common issues we hear include how time consuming and costly it is for OEMs to create and maintain images for their products. Or that managing the myriad of applications for those products—deploying, installing or uninstalling—causes a lot of pain and inefficiencies. Others simply wish that their systems arrived (direct to them or their end users) with all the configuration needs pre-installed. If you’re like our OEM customers, what you really need is to find a partner who can make the complex simple—one who can reduce costs and streamline the manufacturing process so that you can focus on innovation and better serving your customers.

It’s no longer a secret. You can turn to Dell OEM Solutions to provide you with a portfolio of make-ready services that simplify manufacturing and deployments—services that minimize the time you spend on pre-deployment activities by bringing those tasks into our facilities. While you may not have known about our breadth of configuration and fulfillment services, you can benefit from Dell’s years of expertise in software and hardware customization so that you don’t have to worry about continuous change management or an increasingly complex, global supply chain.

If you need to simplify operations with flexible and affordable services, Dell has customization factories and custom fulfillment centers across the world to help you deliver consistent, high-quality products to your customers—faster. You can choose from solutions that span every stage of the configuration and delivery process including:

  • Image Management: With your specifications, we can provide imaging consultants to help integrate imaging on-site. Or for those of you who prefer to do it yourselves, Dell ImageDirect enables you to create, upload, and manage your image online. Regardless the route you choose, your image is right the first time so you can get a fully functional image ready for system deployment.
  • Hardware Customization: Your solution is built to order. With hardware customization, you can have us integrate your hardware, including non-Dell components that we can source and install for you, as part of the standard factory build. If you need custom, standard or proprietary software installed in the factory including your image and applications, we can do that too. If you need us to add peripherals and documents as well as apply asset tags to help you identify and track your hardware, we can.
  • Consolidation and Staging: Just let us know when and how you want us to deliver your products, and post manufacture, we can consolidate your orders and stage and deliver them. If you need finished goods warehousing or shipment-on-demand services, we can help. The quality is assured; implementation is efficient and provides fast scheduling.

So, since it’s no longer a secret, you now know that OEM Solutions can reduce complexity and lower costs with configuration and fulfillment services developed and delivered specifically for your organization, your solutions and your customers. If you want to discuss customization services that can work for you, join the conversation; we would love to hear from you. Learn more about Dell OEM Solutions.

About the Author: Amy Musgrave Brown