The Next Step in Your Journey for Efficiency

I am very excited to tell you about a series of new enterprise products Dell has announced today, including infrastructure management, storage and networking products.  These products highlight our continued commitment to helping customer become more efficient.  Building on the last three quarters, Dell is now giving customers the ability to leverage their existing investments but take them to the next level.  To this point, most of the efficiencies you have gained have been concentrated in silos, server virtualization, storage consolidation etc, it is time to focus on network efficiencies and connecting these silos to unlock a new level of savings.

PowerConnect 8024FToday we are releasing an end-to-end 10GbE solution that begins to change the economics of high performance Ethernet.  With the introduction of 10Gb/E on our EqualLogic PS series storage and the availability of our PowerConnect 8024F our 10GbE top of rack switch, we making fabric unification a reality for a lot more customers.

Additionally, with the release of the Infrastructure Manager  you have a way to orchestrate your server, storage and networking infrastructure as a unit, and reducing the time to provision a server from days to minutes. And doing this in true Dell fashion, the Infrastructure Manager works with existing infrastructure investments – it’s heterogeneous, and supports both physical and virtual environments. 

The Planet Deploys PowerEdge R710 ServersAlso coming with the announcement is an update to the Lifecycle controller  which is a part of nearly all of the 11G PowerEdge server platforms. Customers can expect to have a more seamless experience in deploying and fixing their hardware with onboard goodies and tight integration with both BMC BladeLogic and Microsoft System Center.

We want to help you on your journey to efficiency, but do it in a way that preserves choice and builds on your existing investments.  Unlike others, we are delivering solutions that enables efficiency today and enable further efficiencies down the road.

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About the Author: Kendra Mattews