The Net Benefit of Cloud

Cloud computing has been heralded as a game changer. Today it will shine for game monitoring!  Millions of hoops fans will obsessively check scores – and the inevitable damage dealt to their brackets by unforseen upsets – from phones, netbooks and workplace PCs worldwide. Long gone are the days when the office pool was scrawled in dusty whiteboard ink; subject to revisionism and outright vandalism by the vanquished.  Services abound to automatically tally the winners and losers. Implacably, instantly. A true technology miracle accessible from any hotspot or cell tower.

This post was supposed to be a pointer to something I wrote over on Direct2Dell earlier this week: a preview of one of our Nehalem-based cloud servers, but I was distracted.  As I will be for the rest of the month.  Go 'Cuse!

About the Author: Todd Brannon