The National Association of Broadcasters convene in Las Vegas

One of my favorite trade shows is the annual NAB show in Las Vegas coming up on April 9th this year. My pre-Dell background in media, content, music creation and acoustics design makes NAB a natural joy for my skills and history. Add to that my father’s long history as a radio communications engineer for the military and I cannot wait to see what’s new at the show this year.

I expect to see the latest in broadcast technologies, content creation & distribution, media storage and propagation, and high tech manipulation of all aspects of the broadcast world. The advancing trend of traditional specialized gear to support this industry moving to using the general purpose IT computing hardware and software offers me the ability to make connections between the classic world of broadcasters and the rapidly progressing and innovative world of computing and networking platforms. The cool new technologies Dell is developing will propel the broadcasting world forward as the solutions developers learn  the innovations we have to offer.

Aside from the technology the NAB show also provides me the opportunity to meet with some of the most brilliant minds in the technology world. Digital media has changed the world by simplifying creation, storage, distribution and broadcasting of content. Now we are experiencing the inherent results of the recent digital media renaissance with inherently brilliant and advanced capabilities and efficiencies. The scale in capabilities for every solution is staggering, especially considering what it took to simply create a basic HD program 10 years ago to what we can accomplish for the same financial budget today.

This is a very exciting time for NAB and I am thrilled to be allowed to watch it happen in real time. Look me up if you are going to be at NAB 2011 in Las Vegas and follow my Twitter feed (@franklinatdell) if you want to share in what I am seeing and doing while there.

About the Author: Franklin Flint