The Latest Big Ideas: Demystifying Garbage Collection

Flash has the capability to fundamentally change the data center; I’ve blogged about that many times. While eliminating the rotational delay and seek-time of traditional spinning disk drives, Flash brings new caveats. Memory Management and Garbage Collection for example, are caveats that traditional storage architectures aren’t designed to address. By designing an architecture purpose-built for Flash, those caveats can be clearly accounted for. The latest “Big Ideas” video covers the Garbage Collection process and what EMC has done with our Purpose Built All-Flash-Array to directly account for the process. XtremIO is designed from the ground up for Flash. Addressing Garbage Collection was a consideration from day 1, not an afterthought. EMC continues to lead the way!

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About the Author: Sam Marraccini

Sam Marraccini is a 18-year EMC veteran and 27-year technology veteran. Part of the Dell EMC Global Portfolio Marketing Team, Sam is focused on developing and evangelizing the unique benefits of Dell EMC Products, Technologies and Solutions