The Dell Tech Behind Kickass Storytelling

“Our goal for 30 Ninjas is to build new media through kickass storytelling and creative technology,” says Julina Tatlock, chief executive officer of the digital entertainment company that creates 360° virtual reality (VR) content for film and television.

Creators at 30 Ninjas working on 3D video on Dell workstations and monitors

If winning “Best 360 Series” at this week’s 2017 edition of The Lumiere Awards by Advanced Imaging Society and the VR Society is any indication, 30 Ninjas seems to be well on their way to reaching that goal.

Their scripted series Invisible, which won the award, employed an episodic approach and leveraged a number of editing techniques to cut between different locations. Pulp Lab reported that the entire crew, spent 8-12 hours a day in and out of VR headsets to develop the mini-series, creating and editing entirely in context of the 360 VR experience.

It’s great to see that our Dell Precision workstations played an important part in enabling them to do that.

“We got the Dell Precision 7910 and all of a sudden I’m watching full-res and we’re seeing stuff where it’s like ‘oh dude there’s a guy in this shot’ and we restructured everything because there’s all this stuff you never see,” said Lewis Smithingham, president and head of VR at 30 Ninjas.

In addition to film, 30 Ninjas is moving television into more immersive territory. In the video below, Tatlock tells the story of shooting four episodes of Conan O’Brien’s show live from Comic Con.

She says it was a very stressful project because television shows are used to their own technology and are not forgiving about any technical glitches. But there were no problems with the Dell technology that 30 Ninjas leverages.

“There were emotional breakdowns, but there were no machine breakdowns,” Tatlock noted.