The Dell design-to-value approach; making YOUR green go further

Written by Chris Christian, Blade Server Technical Marketing; April Berman, Product Marketing Manager for Server Memory; and Susie Grandi, Solutions Marketing Manager

As economic times and budgets continue to pose challenges for customers, they have been forced to focus their IT on what truly matters to their business. Significant customer concerns include availability of the applications that drive their business and make them profitable. Whether an ecommerce storefront, franchise-wide nightly batch processing, or number crunching trades and financial data of the day, one thing was clear; customers care much more about the availability and performance of their workloads than the technology du jour.  Dell has been focusing on addressing these concerns and with them in mind, designing enterprise systems to deliver value to workload performance.  From in-memory database systems, to providing options to accelerate applications with PCIe SSD drives, to the very energy consumption of memory technology itself, Dell delivers the right combination of flexibility, performance, and value.

Dell is committed to bringing the latest technologies in memory to our customers using Dell servers for their workloads.  The recent transition in our memory portfolio from DDR3 1.5V only to DDR3L 1.35V capable DIMMs allows for significant power savings without degrading performance, saving our customers not only dollars but enabling them to go green by using less energy. The addition of 32GB RDIMMs to the portfolio allows for up to 2TB of memory capacity on our servers, giving our customers greater options to meet their growing needs. With the addition of 1600 MT/s DIMMs to the portfolio, our customers will see higher memory bandwidth and lower memory latency, resulting in higher application performance in their

environments.  Overall, Dell is meeting our customers’ needs for bandwidth, throughput, and performance.

Dell is also partnering with SAP™ to offer SAP HANA (High Performance Analytical Appliance); a multi-purpose, data source-agnostic in-memory appliance software that combines SAP software workloads optimized on proven Dell hardware and delivered by Dell Global Services. This appliance allows customers to gain instant insight into business operations, while enabling them to react quickly to changing business conditions. SAP HANA lets business users immediately access, model, and analyze all of their transactional and analytical data in real time – from virtually any data source – and in a single environment, without affecting existing applications or systems.

Dell’s scalable platforms allow SAP HANA to process and analyze massive amounts of data more efficiently by packaging SAP’s intelligent use of in-memory technology, columnar database design, advanced data compression, and massive parallel processing.  Dell PowerEdge servers, in particular the HANA certified PowerEdge R910, provides performance, capacity, and reliability for large workload consolidation or maximum virtualization machine density. Dell PowerEdge offers the right balance of processing throughput, consolidated external and internal storage, memory density and IO bandwidth to drive optimal performance with SAP HANA.

As with the HANA appliance, Dell provides flexible platforms that allow customers to tailor their IT resources to their workload needs. In the HANA appliance with SAP, solid-state disk technology fixed directly to the PCIe bus tr emendously boosts data transfer rates for transaction logs and other database files. But with the PowerEdge R910’s large amount of PCIe and memory resources, customers can utilize this platform to consolidate and accelerate a wide array of other workloads as well. If customers are looking for a denser infrastructure, the Dell PowerEdge M610x blade server was designed to give customers no compromise PCIe functionality in a blade server form factor.  With its two full length, 16 lane, 2nd Generation PCIe slots, customer can deploy a full range of solutions, even those requiring up to 300watts of power (2×250 watts if both slots are populated). 

From scalable and efficient memory to flexible PCIe based accelerants, Dell designs servers with customer workloads in mind. This design to customer value approach has enabled Dell customers around the world to stretch their IT budgets further while increasing their infrastructures ability to maximize application performance.  Call your local Dell representative or visit and find out how Dell can help accelerate your applications today.

About the Author: Susie Grandi