The Cloud, OEMs and The Innovators Dilemma

As I’ve toured around the United States recently attending the Dell Next Generation OEM Solutions customer roadshows, I heard some interesting discussions on what role the cloud will play in the OEM market.

One evolved into a discussion about how the cloud is a disruptive technology and Clayton Christiansen’s, The Innovators Dilemma. The premise of The Innovator’s Dilemma is how does a company recognize and nurture new technologies even though these new technologies might impact their existing business model? Do you see the cloud as disruptive and are you facing a similar dilemma with how you get your IP to market? This isn’t the first time this question has come up in discussions with customers.

The challenge for some of our OEM appliance customersis that they may have a handle on what their top 2 or 3 competitors are doing relative to the cloud but what they don’t have a handle on is what the “start-ups” are doing and how they will deliver their software. Will it be a physical appliance or a virtual appliance?

The consensus was if the “startups”  could find a way to deliver a virtual appliance using the cloud, that is the delivery mechanism they would deploy. Do you agree?

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About the Author: Phil Patterson