The #AlienwareHive Community

The entire @Alienware team is passionate about gaming and technology. We’ve been focused on making powerful PC gaming rigs for the last 20 years with one goal in mind – to give you maximum performance when you need to demolish your opponents in your living room or on the go.

Alienware team at PAX

And we partner with developers to take gaming to the next level with custom in-game light effects, AlienFX, and now enable VR gaming with partners like Oculus and HTC. Alienware strives to do whatever it takes to bring you the best gaming experiences possible.

To showcase and get genuine feedback on our latest technology, we often partner with gaming and tech evangelists, ambassadors or other groups and individuals who may be compensated by Alienware for their time or content. The entire Alienware team believes strongly in transparency—it’s one of our parent organization’s five social media principles. In that spirit, we want you to know about the #AlienwareHive community.

#AlienwareHive members trial and use our latest technology whether it’s new Alienware desktops, laptops, exciting virtual reality technology or other innovations and share their feedback via social media or other ways. Or maybe we want you to know about a new game or gaming accessory.  Or anything else that is awesome and related to gaming. #AlienwareHive members will always disclose their relationship with Alienware. They may use the #AlienwareHive hashtag on a social media post, in a video or link back to this page.

Alienware booth at PAX

And what is the #AlienwareHive relationship?  It can take a number of forms. We may provide loaner systems for an extended period of time or free systems to trial. We may pay travel or other expenses to have someone attend a gaming or tech event. Alienware might compensate someone for posting on social media about their experiences or contribute blog or editorial content.

But, and this is important so we’re putting it in bold and all caps because even though it looks like yelling our legal adviser told us that it’s called giving prominent notice and we’re just glad he didn’t use Latin so we agreed to do it, WE WILL NEVER PUT WORDS INTO AN #ALIENWAREHIVE PARTICIPANT’S MOUTH.  We want our #AlienwareHive members to give you their authentic feedback, opinions and experiences so that you know how they connect to their games and gaming systems and make your own decisions about the technology.  #AlienwareHive is about building an authentic community, not a collection of paid endorsements or advertisements.

When you see an #AlienwareHive participant posting about Alienware, know that we aren’t telling them what to say. We may encourage them to talk about their experiences but we do not review their posts, censor their posts, or do anything except ask them to be authentic and disclose they are part of the #AlienwareHive. If you have any questions about the community or see an #AlienwareHive member posting in a way that doesn’t seem to follow these concepts, let us know by emailing or commenting here on this post.