The 2012 EMC Corporation IT Performance Report Is Now Available

When EMC discusses its Journey to the Cloud, we do so knowing that we’ve planned, tested and validated the various technologies and solutions we used first-hand inside our own walls.  This is driving force behind EMC IT Proven.

Over the last few years, EMC IT organization has transformed tremendously – embracing cloud computing, building a new cloud data center, and replacing its dated ERP system. This has resulted in:

  • $157 million in capital expense avoidance

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  • $66 million in operational expense savings

Today, EMC IT is focused on leveraging its cloud foundation and numerous EMC, RSA, VMware and VCE technologies to develop and broker services with a rich user experience, while driving agility and time-to-value for the business and its go-to-market opportunities.

For a peek into EMC’s own IT Transformation, IT as a Service, Big Data and to providing our users with consumer-grade experiences, read the 2012 EMC Corporation IT Performance Report now available as a PDF and iBook.

After you’ve read the Report, be sure to return to this site for the latest chapters our IT transformation story which we will share via blogs, white papers, and other reports throughout the year. And, most importantly, don’t hesitate to comment, ask questions or share what you read here with your colleagues.

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