‘Thank You’ Is Just the Beginning

Whether you have invested in a global infrastructure using a broad set of solutions from EMC and our Federation partners, or are just in the preliminary conversations about the right product and service mix for your environment, we appreciate your willingness to give EMC the opportunity to earn your business.

We do not take for granted that you have a choice in which technology vendor you choose.  Therefore, every interaction with our company is a new opportunity for us to prove how we will engage, enable, and evolve with you. Thank you for your trust and partnership and for believing in EMC.

TCE I recently had the opportunity to discuss the customer experience with Bill Fandrich, SVP and CIO of Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Massachusetts, a premier healthcare company.  Bill shared the pressure faced by CIOs to be more efficient and effective and how partnering with EMC helped BCBS in its IT transformation. He also discussed how that transformation has allowed BCBS to deliver a better experience to its customers. To watch the full interview, click here.

As an industry leader, it is so important to listen to the needs of our customers—to make sure that both their challenges and business initiatives are  understood. These personal insights, combined with robust analytics and feedback mechanisms, are what allow EMC to continuously improve and innovate the customer experience.

Total Customer Experience Day

On October 7, 2014, EMC will be sponsoring our Total Customer Experience Day event—a global celebration of our commitment to customers. The day will include a virtual celebration hosted on the EMC Community Network, open to customers and employees, as well as onsite events at 10+ EMC campuses in 7 countries—Egypt, China, India, Singapore, Ireland, Russia and the US. Not only will EMC celebrate on this day, but we join other companies around the world who also recognize the importance of a great customer experience and take time to celebrate as part of “CX (Customer Experience) Day”.

Virtual TCE

Across the company, our leaders are excited for this day and its three main goals:

  1. Celebrate EMC’s customer-centric culture
  2. Recognize EMC’s passionate and committed employees
  3. Gain insights from customers and employees to continuously improve the EMC experience

Your feedback and experience matters and I hope that you will join us for our virtual celebration on October 7th, where you will hear from EMC leaders, customers and employees and have the opportunity to share your perspective via a Live Q&A discussion with EMC experts.


Just as we hope to share our approach with you, we are very interested to learn how you are innovating the experience for your customers. We can only get better when we work together—so please come celebrate with us!

On behalf of EMC’s leadership team, I sincerely say “Thank you”. This is just the beginning to an enduring partnership ahead.

About the Author: Kevin Roche