Taming the application management monster with KACE and App-V

Organizations are looking to transform IT from a cost center into a strategic asset and application virtualization is an important step towards that. Dell KACE offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use and affordable system management appliance that helps organizations accomplish this transformation by offering superior return on investment compared to competitors. Dell KACE now supports Microsoft App-V which is the leading application virtualization technology that offers many benefits like accelerated application deployment, application license optimization, avoiding application OS incompatibility issues and efficient application management through streaming. 

Dell KACE enables IT organizations to transform traditional applications into service oriented demand based virtualized infrastructure through support for App-V. Together KACE and App-V  help IT organizations improve efficiency and save money through application isolation, accelerated deployment, increased visibility, better control and improved end user productivity. With App-V support IT administrators can do App-V sequencing which is converting a traditional application into a virtualized application, as well as package, distribute and manage virtual applications.

KACE continues to be committed to offering customers the best user-experience by partnering with and supporting industry leading technologies. KACE strives to deliver best-of-breed solutions that allow customers to realize the full potential of their investments and the support for App-V is a step toward reinforcing that commitment. Learn more about how you can realize the full potential of your application virtualization strategy with Dell KACE and Microsoft App-V.

About the Author: Saranya Babu