Talking to customers at the Dell Efficient Enterprise Tour – what the Virtual Era means to them and how they are embracing it

I recently went along to the Dell Efficient Enterprise Tour to really understand the latest strategic thinking to challenge the cost of running IT today.  This was a great opportunity to network and hear directly from Dell customers about what virtualization and the ‘Virtual Era‘ means to them. The first thing that struck me was how far we’ve come since the early days of virtualization and how companies are really embracing the technologies to benefit their business and improve operational performance.  Customers told me that they wanted to virtualize as much of the datacentre as possible, consolidating hardware wherever they could. There was also general agreement that cloud services would play an increasing role in IT, in some cases supporting a hybrid solution.

Take a listen to what they said:

I also got a deep insight into how customers are benefitting from virtualization, what virtualization holds for them in the future, and – very interestingly – what they expected from cloud services. Everyone was impressed with the performance of virtualization and spoke of significant reductions in physical servers, greater utilisation, less routine management thus freeing up time for strategic tasks and lower power and cooling costs.

Check out what they said about the cloud and putting virtualization at the heart of their datacentres:

To put it into perspective, it’s clear that the face of the datacentre will soon be unrecognisable from just a few years ago. But what’s fantastic for me is that so many companies are successfully making that transition. Dell will continue to be a driving force to help customers achieve the full potential of this new Virtual Era by offering open, capable and affordable solutions, which give customers flexibility now and in the future.

About the Author: Kathy Mahady